21 mai 2014

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A friend asked what my opinion was on this statement: ”Authentic love is rare these days” ?

Well here it goes... :))

Depends on what you think as authentic... For love to be authentic it has to imply commitment... and... reciprocity ... give as much as you receive...
And yes... authentic love is rare these days... because it's easier to be a copy than an original... something authentic distinguishes itself among fakes and copies.... and it is harder to maintain..
So many will conclude that it is easier to like than to love and why should something be authentic when a copy is much cheaper?

(R.A. - 21.05.2014)

11 mai 2014

Sunday Prayer

Make me a picture of faith
A carving of mercy
A painting of grace...

Through trials and blessings
Transform my life in a masterpiece of YOUR Unending Love...

(R.A. - 07.07.2014)

4 mai 2014

Seeking forgiveness

So many times I chose the stench of mud over the sweet aroma of prayers rising up to YOU...
Forgive me FATHER!

So many times I chose to cover myself with the blood of worthless sacrifices instead of bathing in YOUR blood that cleanses and giving YOU my whole heart...
Forgive me JESUS!

So many times I chose moments of fleeting peace that comes from worldly assurances and didn't give much thought to the hope promised to the soul that rests in YOU...
Forgive me HOLY SPIRIT!

(R.A. - 04.05.2014)
(You are more than the sum of your past mistakes!)

1 mai 2014

”When true love is lost, life can bleed all meaning, we are left blank - but the possibility of destiny remains. What we are meant for may yet be discovered - and once...in a very long while that journey to find our destiny may defeat even time itself.” (Winter's Tale)