19 octombrie 2011


Dupa o zi frumoasa, cu cadouri si urari de tot felul ... Am primit o intrebare, de la o persoana draga mie: daca mi-am facut un bilant, si daca mi-am facut un plan pentru anul care imi sta in fata?
Pe moment ma gandeam : hmmm... planuri am eu o gramada :)) dar cum sa le sumarizez pe toate??? Asa ca ... las pe altii to do the talking... sau ma rog, the singing... Impart aceasta melodie cu o persoana speciala, pe care nu o cunosc de mult timp, si poate nu o cunosc foarte bine, dar imi e draga...: Madalina :D ... La multi ani!

Petra - Ready, Willing and Able
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on 1 Peter 3:15, 2 Timothy 4:2

Enough of the sidelines, gotta get in the game
When nothing is ventured, nothing is gained
He's callin' the numbers play by play
We're either out or we're in all the way

Get in the action whatever the cost
Nothing can equal the worth of the lost
Shoulder to shoulder, hand to the plow
Today is the day and the right time is now

And the field is ready for the new reserve
We will bring the harvest with a will to serve

Ready, willing and able
To advance the light and defend the right
Ready, willing and able
Lifting up the cross to the waiting lost
Ready to serve and willing to go
Able to stand against the foe
Ready, willing and able

Instant in season drop of a hat
Bases are loaded, it's our turn at bat
Pressure is mounting, the tension is hot
Heaven is watching to see what we've got
There is strength in numbers
There is hope in One
We are called and chosen to proclaim His Son

He's already given us all that we need
With love in our message and hope in our creed
When Yahweh is for us and faith is our stay
No power below us can stand in our way

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