1 decembrie 2013

... ganduri ... (19)

Deep inside the pain was gathered
Deep inside, locked up but never gone.
Deep inside but where no one wandered...
Deep inside there I retreated
To contemplate the pain
To add some more...
Some hurtful words, some hardened glances,
Some disappointment,
Some hunger for a better day...
I walked through darkness,
Knowing well the path...
I carefully unlocked the door,
Still I knew the pain won't try to slip away,
It liked to be there...deep inside...

Unknowingly someone had followed,
And all of a sudden the deepest part of me
Was bathed in awesome light.
As my eyes accustomed to the light
I looked around and only saw HIM...
The pain, the hurt, all my accusers
Were gone from deep inside.

All that's left now is HIM and awesome light,
And that's enough to fill the deep inside,
Even to spill forward in the eyes...

(R.A. - 01.12.2013 - Caransebes)

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